Totara Terraces

Residential Development Branding

Client: Development Empire

Industry: Property

Location: New Zealand

Outputs: Logo, colour scheme and typography guidelines, social media assets, web design, information pack.

Totara Terraces, the debut housing project by Development Empire, is situated in the heart of Manurewa. It can be found on 16 Totara Road, drawing inspiration from its very name for the development’s logo and branding.

The development’s location next to a school with expansive green fields influenced the choice of soft, natural colours for the branding. These colours were drawn from the communal lemon and cherry blossom trees to be planted around the complex. With first-time homebuyers and investors as the target audience, the branding is designed to be modern, simple, and approachable, appealing to a wide range of potential buyers.

I took charge of designing all the marketing materials to promote the sale of the 8 terrace houses. This included creating a unique logo, developing a website dedicated to showcasing the homes, and crafting a comprehensive brochure. The brochure contained essential information about the area, local amenities, floor plans, renders, and much more.

Additionally, I built a second website to keep the purchasers informed about the ongoing construction progress. The website featured up-to-date site photos, a live Twitter feed, and a construction timeline, ensuring the buyers stayed well-informed throughout the building process.

Logo Design


For the logo, I combined modern typography with abstract elements that alluded to the angular roofing and vertical cladding of the terrace house design. The result was a fresh, minimalist and modern logo that accurately captured the essence of the development project.

Marketing Website

The website highlights the exciting and promising development, offering potential purchasers detailed information about local amenities, growth opportunities, renders, and a concise list that showcases the key selling points at a glance.

Watch screen recordings of the Home and Design & Specification pages below.

Marketing Brochure

Digital brochure

The information pack came in the form of a digital PDF, accessible either through email or by downloading it from the Totara Terraces website. The brochure was meticulously crafted to showcase essential sales information in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It encompassed various valuable elements, such as a map indicating walking and driving distances to nearby amenities, renders including a key of the camera angles, and visual presentation of landscaping. Additionally, the pack included a comprehensive timeline outlining the purchasing process, a section addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs), and detailed specifications accompanied by images and finishes.

Social Media

A social media account was established to promote and advertise the development. 

Images for organic exposure were created as teasers, showcasing the location and amenities of Totara Terraces, along with key features of the housing. These visuals were designed to pique interest and generate excitement among potential buyers.

Additionally, we executed a lead generation campaign on Facebook, featuring detailed images and comprehensive information to attract potential buyers. The campaign aimed to capture their interest and provide them with all the necessary details about the development to encourage inquiries and generate leads.

Organic Social Posts