Self Publishing NZ

Brand Refresh

Client: Martin Taylor

Industry: Digital Publishing

Location: New Zealand

Outputs: Logo, mini brand guidelines including font and colour scheme, website

As a component of a more extensive effort to rejuvenate the brand, which included designing a fresh logo, selecting a new font, and implementing a new colour palette, I took on the task of crafting a website landing page for Self Publishing NZ utilising the popular content management system WordPress. My aim was to create a visually striking, user-friendly page that aligned with the brand’s updated identity and conveyed its unique strengths and capabilities. Through careful consideration of the design elements, such as layout, imagery, and typography, I was able to deliver a landing page that effectively captured the brand’s essence and helped to establish a strong online presence for the company.

Logo Concepts

While conceptualizing the logo, I was inspired by New Zealand’s rich cultural heritage and aimed to fuse these elements with the company’s initials. I experimented with different ideas, such as integrating the kuru – a traditional Maori carving – into the spine of books and the letter “S.” However, after several iterations, the client landed on a design that represents the brand’s contemporary outlook on the world. It incorporates concepts like infinity and colour to create a logo that accurately portrays the brand’s identity.

Final Logo Variations

New Website

Using the Divi Theme on WordPress, I constructed a landing page for Self Publishing NZ, which incorporated stock images that were tailored to align with the brand’s visual identity. Additionally, the page’s titles were given a transitional drop-in effect to enhance their appearance.

Built using WordPress and Divi Theme.

Full landing page