Peldon Rose

Credentials Document

Client: Peldon Rose

Industry: Commercial Fit-out

Location: London

Outputs: Credentials Document

This credentials document was created with a focus on simplicity and brevity. The objective was to showcase the company’s services and case studies in a clear and concise manner, without overwhelming the reader with long paragraphs of text. The inclusion of the project manager’s CV demonstrates the company’s commitment to employing experienced and qualified professionals, while the case studies and testimonials serve as evidence of their track record of delivering successful projects. By prioritising key information and using a minimalistic design approach, the document effectively communicates the company’s expertise and capabilities.

Credentials Document

The credentials document highlights various key aspects of the company, including the project manager’s CV, case study experience, and testimonials from satisfied clients. These elements work together to provide a comprehensive overview of the company’s capabilities and successes, showcasing their expertise and ability to deliver high-quality results.