Property Empire

Property Management Brand Identity

Client: Property Empire

Industry: Property

Location: New Zealand

Outputs: Full brand identity including graphic design, web design, logo, brand guidelines, social media assets, print collatoral

At the inception of Property Empire, a subsidiary of The Empire Group, its primary objective was to offer property management services to clients of Money Empire. To effectively serve investors, both existing and potential, and to differentiate itself in a competitive market, the brand required a distinct identity.

In response, I undertook the task of developing a comprehensive brand strategy encompassing digital and print assets. During the creative process, I considered the need for consistency across both online and offline platforms, ensuring a seamless transition from digital to print mediums.

By crafting a comprehensive brand strategy and delivering a suite of cohesive digital and print assets, I successfully established Property Empire as a standout brand within the competitive property management market.

Logo Design


The logo design for Property Empire, a sister company to Money Empire, was created to align with The Empire Group’s brand identity. The inclusion of the iconic Crown symbol, which unifies all brands under The Empire Group umbrella, was a crucial element. To distinguish Property Empire and reflect its unique identity, the Crown symbol in the logo stands out in a vibrant neon green color. This bold choice sets Property Empire apart from competitors and reinforces its connection to the larger Empire Group brand, conveying a confident and distinct presence in the property management industry.

Brand Guidelines

In crafting the brand for Property Empire, I took a strategic approach, driven by the idea that just because property management can be boring, doesn’t mean the brand has to be. This reflects the commitment to breaking stereotypes and injecting a disruptive energy into the market. The visual identity is thoughtfully curated, featuring a sophisticated interplay of black and neon green accents that not only defy the norm but also infuse a dynamic and distinctive essence into the brand. Typography takes center stage in our comprehensive branding book, where each page serves as a canvas for bold statements and minimalist design, creating an engaging juxtaposition. This deliberate approach communicates the dedication to challenging the status quo within the industry.

The brand guidelines becomes an immersive experience, reinforcing the belief that, even in a seemingly mundane field, a brand can exude disruptive energy and creativity.

New Website

The Property Empire website comprises essential sections such as a landing page, about us, services, contact form, and careers page. The colour scheme prominently features the recognisable neon green gradient, with a primary emphasis on black. This deliberate choice creates a visually striking and impactful design, ensuring the brand’s identity is front and center throughout the website. The website’s design presents Property Empire as a dynamic entity within the property management industry.

Social Media


I created a collection of cohesive social media assets that encapsulate the distinctive typography style of the Property Empire brand. These assets incorporate key brand elements, including the signature green gradient, neon green circle, and serif typography, which are instantly recognisable and reinforce the brand identity. By harmonising these visual components, the social media assets consistently reflect the bold and distinctive aesthetic of Property Empire, ensuring a cohesive and memorable presence across various social media platforms.