New Zealand’s France

Print and Ebook Cover Design

Client: Alistair Watts

Location: New Zealand

Outputs: Book cover for both print and ebook formats.

My task was to create a book cover for both print and ebook formats for “New Zealand’s France – A Different View of 1835-1935,” authored by Alistair Watts.

About the book – “In New Zealand’s France, Dr Alistair Watts investigates the origins of the New Zealand nation state from a fresh perspective – one that moves beyond the traditional bicultural view prevalent in the current New Zealand historiography. That New Zealand became British in the 1840s owes much, Dr Watts contends, to that other great colonial power of the time, France. The rich history of British antagonism towards the French was transported to New Zealand in the 1830s and 1840s as part of the British colonists’ cultural baggage, to be used in creating an old identity in a new land.”

Preliminary Cover Concepts

I presented three cover designs to the author to review.

Final Cover

New Zealand's France - A Different View of 1835-1935

I created a cover design that aimed to bring together New Zealand and France in a single concept. The final design features an embossed outline of New Zealand superimposed on the French flag. Through the use of transparency, I sought to convey the idea of the cultural unity of the two nations.

Published in 2021.