Mindset Mentors

Book Design and Social Media Marketing

Client: R.W Roth (Author)

Location: New Zealand

Outputs: Book cover for print end ebook, social media tiles and templates

I was tasked with creating an eye-catching book cover, both for electronic and physical versions. In addition, I developed social media graphics and provided blank templates that the author can modify for future posts and stories using Canva.

About the book – “Mindset Mentors is about helping you achieve a healthy, positive mindset through the wisdom, inspiration and motivation of some of the most successful people on the planet.”

Preliminary Cover Concepts

Final Cover

Mindset Mentors

The final cover design featured digital-friendly visuals and colours suitable for promotion on Instagram.

Social Media


I developed a set of “brand guidelines” for the author to use on Instagram, which would assist them in their future postings. These guidelines featured three primary colours that could be used in alternating patterns, as well as solid and textured backgrounds that could be utilised to post a variety of quotes from the book.

Furthermore, I produced a collection of GIFs, which could be used as featured posts to promote the book to potential followers.

Instagram Story Templates