Furniture Winter Lookbook

Crestline Winter 2021

Client: Crestline Furniture Systems

Industry: Commercial Office Furniture

Location: New Zealand

Outputs: Printed 11×8.5in Hardback Lookbook

I had the privilege of creating a winter lookbook for Crestline’s 2021 office furniture collection, where I was tasked with capturing the essence of a New Zealand winter. Drawing inspiration from the textures and scenic escapes that influenced the furniture collections, I embarked on extensive research to curate a visually stunning and engaging lookbook. The result was a thoughtfully designed lookbook that combined product shots with breathtaking landscapes, utilising a harmonious colour palette of cool tones like blues and greys, complemented by warm accents. This project allowed me to showcase my skills in visual storytelling, layout design, and incorporating a thematic approach to captivate viewers and bring Crestline’s winter-inspired office furniture collection to life.

Hardback Lookbook

Printed as a hardback landscape book.

Inspired by the enchanting landscapes and textures of New Zealand’s winter season. The objective was to seamlessly merge the elements of New Zealand’s winter scenery with the furniture collections, presenting a cohesive and inspiring theme. Through careful curation, I carefully selected textures that evoke the cozy ambiance of winter and sought out scenic escapes that exemplify the captivating beauty of New Zealand’s winter landscapes. The finished product was a beautiful perfect bound, hardback ‘coffee table’ book.