Pod Furniture

Furniture Consultancy Brand Concept

Industry: Furniture Services

Location: London, UK

Outputs: Logo, brochure

As part of a rebranding strategy for an established furniture consultancy company, I conceptualised and designed a modern and sophisticated logo, along with an elegant monochromatic brochure. The aim was to elevate the brand’s image and communicate a fresh, contemporary perspective while still reflecting the company’s core values and expertise. Through careful consideration of typography, colour, and layout, the new branding materials effectively conveyed the company’s commitment to quality, style, and innovation.

Logo Concepts

When creating the logo, I drew inspiration from the organic curves and linear shapes commonly found in furniture design. I wanted to capture the essence of furniture elements like round table tops and stool legs or the straight lines of chair and desk legs. As a result, my final design paid homage to these features.

The acronym for the brand name is POD, which stands for Product of Original Design. To incorporate this into the logo, I included two circles at the end, resembling a colon, while also drawing from the convention of using circles to represent stools or tables in traditional floor plans.

Final Logo Design

Brochure Design

Pod Furniture Credentials

With the goal of enhancing the brand’s image and conveying a modern perspective that aligns with the company’s values and expertise, I designed a credentials document that placed a strong emphasis on typography.