Development Empire

Property Development Brand Identity

Client: Development Empire

Industry: Property

Location: New Zealand

Outputs: Full brand identity including graphic design, web design, logo, brand guidelines, social media assets

Development Empire was established with the purpose of assisting property buyers in acquiring homes in seemingly unattainable suburbs. Their focus lies in identifying locations that can accommodate the demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyles while fostering future growth through timeless designs. Every construction project we undertake is tailored to suit the specific needs of the suburb, the buyer, and the land, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

I have developed a comprehensive brand identity for Development Empire, encompassing a range of elements. This includes a new logo design, carefully curated colour scheme, distinctive typography selection, comprehensive brand guidelines, social media assets, and a fully revamped WordPress website.

The objective was to create a brand that exudes approachability while embodying a sense of luxury. Through meticulous font selection and a thoughtfully crafted colour palette, I have successfully established a sophisticated brand that authentically represents the vision of Development Empire.


Logo Design


As Development Empire emerged as a sister company to Money Empire, the final logo design incorporates the distinctive Crown, which serves as a prominent symbol across all brands within The Empire Group. Additionally, the logo design cleverly nods to the rooflines of terrace housing, paying homage to the core essence of the development projects.

Brand Guidelines

The brand guidelines book serves as a captivating typographic narrative that embodies the essence of the Development Empire brand. With a meticulous attention to detail, the book artfully employs the primary color palette to eloquently convey the brand’s story. Each page intricately weaves together typography and design elements, forming a cohesive and visually compelling portrayal of the Development Empire brand identity.

New Website

As part of the Development Empire journey, I have created an impactful landing page to mark the beginning of the brand’s online presence. The initial website includes a concise and engaging about section, a clear overview of our services and offerings, and an easy-to-use “Expressions of Interest” section for potential clients. The landing page prominently showcases our exciting up-and-coming development, providing a glimpse of what’s to come. Visitors can seamlessly navigate from the landing page to a dedicated custom webpage for each project, where they can explore detailed information and visuals specific to each development.

Social Media


I developed a set of cohesive social media assets that embody the luxurious and sophisticated typography style of the Development Empire brand. In addition to the primary colour palette, I have introduced a complementary secondary colour palette, which includes additional colours to enhance visual variety and flexibility. These assets have been meticulously designed to showcase the brand’s elegance and prestige, ensuring a consistent and captivating visual presence across social media platforms.