Morgan Lovell

Design & Build Firm Updated Credentials

Client: Morgan Lovell

Industry: Commercial Fit-out

Location: London

Outputs: Credentials Document

During my tenure as an in-house graphic designer, I developed a revamped approach to the credentials document for this Design & Build firm. Through careful consideration of typography, colour schemes, and layout, I successfully created a bolder and more contemporary document that stands out and accurately represents the company’s brand identity for future client pitches.

Credentials Documents

Three Colour Schemes

In order to cater to clients across diverse industries, I created various color schemes that were tailored to specific demographics. For instance, a dark colour scheme was developed for the tech industry, which typically caters to a younger audience that is often characterised by their edgy and contemporary style preferences.

Bright Colour Scheme

The bright colour scheme was designed to appeal to quirky companies such as those in the media industry. It strikes a balance between the darker and lighter colour schemes, resulting in a playful and bold impression that accurately reflects the creative nature of the industry.

Light Colour Scheme

The light color scheme was created with more traditional sectors and corporate clients in mind. Its professional and sophisticated aesthetic aligns with the expectations of these industries while also enabling the ML brand to stand out from competitors.