Awards Submission

XTX Submission for Mixology

Industry: Commercial Fit-out

Location: London

Outputs: Printed A3 Perfect Bound 

During my tenure at Peldon Rose, I had the opportunity to showcase my design skills by entering one of our projects into the prestigious Mixology Awards. This highly anticipated event serves as a celebration of excellence within the dynamic realm of commercial interiors.

For the submission, I directed my focus towards highlighting the outstanding project XTX and its remarkable features within the office space. Drawing inspiration from the angles present in the company’s logo (the ‘X’ and the ‘[‘), I incorporated this distinctive element into the design. Additionally, I paid homage to industrial aesthetics by employing bold black hues and incorporating text strategically.

The submission artfully showcased the distinctive features of the fit-out, which were integral to the uniqueness of the design. This approach ensured a compelling submission, resonating strongly with the judging panel and enhancing our chances of recognition and success in the awards.

Awards Submission

Mixology Awards

The project portfolio was meticulously crafted to provide a visually stunning representation of our work, showcasing our expertise and creativity. To elevate its presentation, we opted for a printed A3 perfect bound format, adding a touch of sophistication and professionalism.