Awards Submission

Kent House Submission for Mixology

Industry: Commercial Fit-out

Location: London

Outputs: Printed A3 Perfect Bound 

At Morgan Lovell, I had the opportunity to contribute to the renowned ‘Kent House’ project, which we entered into the Mixology Awards. This office fit-out integrated architectural elements and curves to enhance well-being and reflect the client’s values. The result was an awe-inspiring fit-out leaving a lasting impression. 

I crafted a visual narrative, capturing the journey from concept to reality, in the design of the submission. Incorporating remarkable sketches provided by the designer, I infused their creative vision into the final design. The collection, ranging from initial sketches to professional photographs, highlights the project’s evolution. By thoughtfully blending design elements and curating with care, I aimed to showcase the seamless fusion of creativity and functionality in the ‘Kent House’ project.

Awards Submission

Mixology Awards

With the front cover showcasing the initial sketches and the back cover embodying the client’s values reflected in the office fit-out, the final design delivers an immersive experience that captures the essence of the extraordinary journey. Printed in A3 size with a perfect bound matte finish, the portfolio stands as a testament to the meticulous attention given to every detail in the project.